Comprehensive Real Estate Developer

MQ Development Holdings

Business Area

Logistics Center

Direct and indirect real estate investment and development
in distribution centers and distribution facilities
Development of logistics centers optimized for the needs of shippers
and the characteristics of stored goods
using the distribution/logistics network of MQ Group
Business Area

Complex Business Facilities

Development and investment in complex business facilities
such as Dasan New Town Knowledge Industry Center
(total area of approx. 20,0000 m2) to be sold
accommodating various needs of tenants of complex business facilities
Business Area


Developing and investing in residential real estate,
the future business field of MQ
Providing decent and comfortable living spaces in optimal locations
Business Area

Research and consulting

Building rent, vacancy rate and sale price prediction
Organic network with financial institutions and investment groups
Providing financing consulting
Business Area

Financing and funding

Creating a financial structure optimized for real estate development
Preparing the source of new projects through financing and securitization of holdings
Investment in new business and venture companies